Urgent appeal – CARAD needs our support

CARAD is an independent, community-based organisation providing essential welfare and advocacy support to asylum seekers, refugees and detainees in Western Australia. They need our help and it is so easy to contribute.

I am grateful

I don’t acknowledge my blessings nearly often enough, much less pay them forward as much as I should – that is what I am going to work on from now on.

The Alternative Advent Calendar with Purpose

Are you are tired of the commercial, tacky or expensive and branded advent calendars in the shops? Try giving the kids a new activity each day – something with purpose to foster joy and kindness. Put a daily slip of paper in the relevant advent calendar pocket (or you could put it on the fridge, on the tree, in lunchboxes or under table mats etc.) for the kids to find and do – you can include chocolate treats too, with a reading from your favourite poem, book or a passage from the Bible.

Kanelbullar – Swedish cinnamon buns

These taste of pure Christmas season, with cinnamon and cardamom punching through the soft and fluffy dough. Kanelbullar are a traditional Swedish bun that can be served at any time of year, but are particularly nice to turn out at Christmas. Easy to make, if you have the patience to allow the two dough rises.

Giftedness – understanding and supporting it.

Giftedness‘ can be defined in many ways, but basically it describes individuals with a high cognitive potential. Broadly speaking, an IQ in the top 1-2% of the population (about 130+). Gifted individuals have specific emotional, sensory, social and educational needs. Understanding this is pure gold and well worth the (sometimes high) price of a report from a specialist.

Who’s The Hu?

Is there anything better than stumbling upon a video or new song that grabs you, swings you around the room a few times and throws you back into your chair …

Be Kind. Choose that.

Kindness isn’t about getting it right every time; rather it means treating others as best you can, with respect and fairness, regardless of how you feel about them or who they are… This doesn’t always come easily when we are tired, afraid or stressed and focused on our own needs, so it is a choice that has to be made deliberately.

Bunting from baby clothes

Do you have baby clothes taking up space in your cupboards? Sharing them onwards for others to use is always a great first option. Then, sometimes they are just too adorable to part with, or are firm favourites associated with other memories or people.
MAKE BUNTING out of them! It is very easy, fun, attractive and you get to enjoy the nostalgia whenever you celebrate in your home.

Great leaders shine on, even when idiots take hold

I will impart it to my kids – all of it. I won’t rest until they understand what it can feel like to be proud of yourself, your nation, and your leader, to feel fierce satisfaction and wonder at what a nation can achieve in the face of vile ignorance and hateful leadership. Only then can they aspire to experiencing that for themselves – by making good choices about the future.


Contentment – a really simple choice

Contentment is not a consolation prize for those who don’t achieve greatness. It speaks of a choice, a decision and deliberate commitment to being grateful and welcoming the peace, joy and abundance that lets in.