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Amazing worms improved our home and our garden.

Image by GAD-BM from Pixabay

I have to admit, this is not the sort of piece I thought I would ever be writing – detailing how the squirmy little squishy creatures are making a difference to our lives. But they are!

Since learning about worm farms last year, I have faced my fear of dirt and compost and installed a basic worm farm outside our kitchen. I didn’t expect much; the worms don’t look like much more than sedentary little slow-wrigglers, but they are constantly busy. It’s amazing how much they work through.

My worms were kindly donated to me by a friend and knowing that they’ve come from someone else’s farm adds an element of responsibility – you want to take good care of them. These ones are more than welcome additions to our family home – here’s why:

  1. They are amazingly beneficial to the environment as a whole.
  2. Zero carbon footprint on these little beauties and the service they provide
  3. They are incredibly effective composters, requiring nothing more than scraps you’re discarding anyway and turning them into something useful.
  4. Their involvement keeps food waste out of landfill. They are heroes.
  5. Their waste – castings – are INCREDIBLE for the garden. simply opening the spout of the worm farm, releases liquid gold which is highly concentrated nutirition for the garden. Just dilute it in the bucket and pour it on the soil. The remnants in the bottom tray of the farm is sheer treasure mixed in with soil.
  6. It costs nothing: free waste removal, free garden nutrition.
  7. Couldn’t be simpler – if you fancy an easy-start farm, you can buy them at any garden centre, or from many local providers. You can easily make worm farms with items you have at home or things you can find at a reclamation/recycling centre. Just look it up – there are dozens of ideas on the Internet or on apps like Pinterest.
  8. You can have year-round chemical-free fertiliser for your plants – no need to buy manure or soil enrichers anymore.
  9. They are the easiest pets you will ever share your space with – noiseless, stay where you put them, share their goodness and happily relocate into the garden if you ever stop using your farm / bucket.
  10. They don’t smell or create a fuss.

This link is to a helpful website for rookie vermicomposters like me.

Image by Natfot from Pixabay