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Face Mask Pattern

This is NOT my design – I just made the ones pictured here. It’s a fantastic pattern and well worth using – easy and a very nice fit. We got asked for the pattern a few times while we were out today, so here it is.

There are 4 sizes: men, ladies and teens, 6-12 yrs (all an excellent fit) and 3-5 yrs (I found the 6-12yrs one a better fit for my 5-year old – the smaller one was a bit too snug).

The pattern template is in this pdfplease check your scale when you print it out.

The steps go something like this, all in the instructions on the original site:

  1. Fold main fabric in half and cut out (remember to add seam allowance)
    You will have two halves.
  2. Sew together along curved edge, right sides facing.
  3. Press seam to one side and top stitch.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 exactly the same for the lining fabric.
  5. Sew the main fabric and lining together, top & bottom edges only,
    right sides facing.
  6. Turn the right way out and press seams flat.
  7. Fold the sides inwards and sew down to form the side ‘tubes’ for the string.
  8. Finally thread the string through (I used a long shoelace for each mask)

Please visit the original site for even more details or to acknowledge how amazing this is! It has come from