Hi, welcome to my site of ideas, creations, opinions and plenty of food.

Like most people I have endured a thing or two, survived most of them and been flung out the other end with a few thoughts on the matter. I’m nothing unusual there, but if I share something interesting or prompt a bit of discussion or creativity that’d be nice. Maybe you will find something useful here, or a piece to which you can relate? Perhaps something to just make you smile? I hope so.

“I’m trying to improve myself, my levels of activity, my commitment to a creative life, my brain and my connections. It’s not always easy. But it needn’t be complicated”.

I am a bit odd, highly-strung, surviving high-functioning anxiety and
I experience the world pretty much exclusively through emotion.

I’m a mother, wife, friend, musician, educator, writer, organiser, gardener, experimental cook, reflexologist, strategist, perfectionist and I am profoundly nourished by trivia quizzes and alpha-numeric puzzles. I believe in a benevolent God, the rights of all people and animals to love, safety and freedom and that I have something of value to bring to this life.

Once it dawned on me that I actually have a degree of control over what happens to me, I decided to simplify my life. I focused on stripping it down to the memories, keepsakes, books, activities and habits that evoke positivity – not necessarily anything as ambitious as joy, but which at least take me to a place where I feel good about myself.

This isn’t always easy and usually involves many iterations, inventions and sometimes frustration, but it is paying off. I am far more content now, considerably easier to live with and my priorities are more realistic. A number of factors have guided my choices, but one transformative influence in my relatively new-found inclination to be more content is simple: common sense. This is something I have not used much in the past (those who know me will confirm this), but it turns out it’s rather useful.

More common sense and less judgement – from myself and from others – that’s been the trick. More gratitude and less pressure.

I’m no expert, but I’m trying to keep it simple. And these posts are about the things I’m discovering along the way.