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Do You Need a Homeschooling Briefcase?

Our homeschooling style is a mix of bookwork, exploration, free play, music, media and good old chatting. My kids like structure, but not routine and we often find ourselves out and about during the school day. There are music lessons, chores, excursions and family visits within our week and sometimes the odd appointment (with waiting …

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No iPad or tablet? No problem: Top 10 screen-free diversions for the kids.

Screen devices are fun and can be ideal in the right situation. But there’s so much you can do without them too! Here are our top 10 go-to activities when the kids need help sitting still or quietly in or out of the home.

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Love is love is love

It is week 2 of Advent – the week to light the candle of love.
Recently I have been involved in conversations which have steered towards others speaking openly against homosexuality and non-binary gender identification. It jars me every time and I need to speak my piece about respecting anyone’s choice to consensual adult relationships of any kind.

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The Alternative Advent Calendar with Purpose

Are you are tired of the commercial, tacky or expensive and branded advent calendars in the shops? Try giving the kids a new activity each day – something with purpose to foster joy and kindness. Put a daily slip of paper in the relevant advent calendar pocket (or you could put it on the fridge, on the tree, in lunchboxes or under table mats etc.) for the kids to find and do – you can include chocolate treats too, with a reading from your favourite poem, book or a passage from the Bible.