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For us, homeschooling is a fluid symphony of different elements from week to week and we’ve changed our resource balance more times than I can count.

We have been homeschooling informally since 2012 and formally since 2016. We’ve built up a large base of resources from which we choose our termly approaches. Most are completely free, so educating your child costs no more than your time (and sometimes patience).

It can be a joy to be part of their learning journey, so make it easy for yourself and keep it simple! What we choose to do all depends on the term, day, mood, finances, energy levels and time of year, but here are some bits if they are helpful.

Learning AreaTypeResourceDetailCost
AchievementsCustomisable achievement certificateDownload hereCustomisable achievementment certificate for homeschoolers awards at the end of their reporting cycle.$2 
Arts – DanceDance classes toddler – age 5Kindy Dance Time Themed classes where the children learn coordination, rhythm and the foundations of danceTermly fees 
Arts – DramaDrama ClassesHelen O’ Grady Group classes fostering confidence, imagination, coordination, diction, groupwork.Termly fees 
Arts – Music overallPlaylistsSpotify / iTunes / YouTube / CD’s and DVD’s from your library / your own collectionsGet kids listening to as many genres of music as possible, reading up on the artists / composers as they go. Free or subscription, depending on the service 
Arts – Music ViolinOne-to-one classesViolin studio / teacherSource a reputable studio near where you live and purchase, hire or borrow instruments. Sometimes offered online via Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime  Termly fees based on length of lesson each week.
Group classesOrchestra / ensembleAsk about local groups of musicians or junior orchestras, offering your child an opportunity to learn and play as part of a larger ensembleTermly or annual subscriptions
Arts – Visual ArtOnline Class
(on demand)
ArtventureMany different pictures to create, using different techniques. Sort by difficulty or theme Free trial offered Updated regularly  Free trial first, then Paid subscription.
Online tutorialsIllustration tutorialsYour budding illustrator will love tuning in to the of children’s author and illustrator, Rob BiddulphFree
ExcursionLocal Art GalleryWorkshops for homeschoolers or specific exhibits often availableFree
English – LiteracyOnline Learning GameTeach your monster to read  Teaches children how to read using monster/alien game  Completely free online App sometimes free
Online Learning ProgrammeReading Eggs Free Workbooks K-5Online or app, your child goes through activities with animals and sound to familiarise themselves with the phonemes and sight words. Free trial often available for two weeks. Annual subscription special offers often available
English – LiteratureStories to listen to onlineKinderling Kids RadioSo many stories to listen to either live or catch-up. Free
Online 3-min storiesStory Saladthe ABCs storytelling showFree
English – Self-read booksLocal Library e-loansBorrowBox 

for excellent Australian and international eBooks and audiobooksFree
cloudLibrary for outstanding eBooks and a growing collection of audiobooksFree
Overdrive for eBooks and audiobooksFree
Enrichment – ExcursionsVirtual ExcursionsVirtual ToursMuseums, zoos, landmarks, national parks from around the world.  See hundreds of interesting places from your chair!Free
Excursion (STEM)ScitechScience and Technology centre in Perth – exhibitions are regularly updated. This is a hands-on, interactive excursion.
(Tip: Get your parking ticket at the top of the escalator, ground level of Scitech – it is for Scitech visitors and is cheaper than getting a ticket in the parking garage itself.
Ticketed (reduced for annual member subscriptions) Parking about $5 last time I went.
Enrichment – ReligionVideos about the sacred stories and parables.Godly Play videosSuitable for children from age 2 to adulthood. Montessori-inspired method of teaching the sacred stories, parables, church liturgy and encourage independent reflection and interpretation. Beautifully told Godly Play stories, after which you can do your ‘wondering’ and personal reflection work.Free
Godly Play FoundationAccess resources, training, stories at home for this Montessori-inspired approach.
Enrichment –WorkshopsHands-on workshops online, or in-store when availableBunnings DIY workshops for kidsWorkshops creating and decorating various projectsFree
HASS –GeographyOnline materials3D GeographyWorksheets, activites, resource templates, 3D maps Available by topic or countryFree
HASS – HistoryDocumentarySecrets of the CastleHow castles were built and run in medieval timesFree
MathematicsWorkbooksMathseeds free Student workbooks K-5Workbooks K-5Free
Online learning programmeMathseedsProgressive programme where children step through the stages of the curriculum with varied activities. Does not adjust based on their scores – they must do each lesson to progress.Useful for early learners.  Gifted / asynchronous learners may need help skipping through some parts as the repetition can upset them.
Online tutoring and practiseKhan AcademyFocus on mastery of the subject with helpful videos and tests to assess competencyFree
Science – AstronomyInformationAstronomy WA website  Regularly updated  Free
PodcastListenDark Sky Conversations and explore light from a variety of spectrumsFree
InformationAstro QuestComplete quests to help Australian scientists understand how galaxies grow and evolve. Free
Science – GeneralShort videosMystery ScienceAccess to numerous science questions answered succinctlyMostly free
Short videosMystery Doug YouTube channel videosYoutube Channel filled with amazing short science videos that answer questions from kidsFree
PodcastsFact DetectivesIf your kids love to “find out all the cool facts about EVERYTHING!”,Free
Tech – Digital TechnologiesOnline learningTyping ClubTyping Tutorial and practice gamesFree
The details in this table are based purely on my own personal experience as a home educator and are current at the date of writring. They are not an exhaustive list, nor an advertisement or endorsement (as I can’t monitor their content). But it is a list of things we have certainly tried in our learning journey. I will update it regularly too, with new things we try.
Bits I’m going, to add to the list:
  Find more online projects with the Australian Citizen Science Association  
WebinarsMeet an ICRAR astronomer weekly lecture each Wednesday at 7:30pm AWST on ICRAR’s YouTube channel Fred Watson’s Cosmic Relief webinar series Wednesdays 7:30pm AEST (registrations essential  
For TeachersICRAR is running weekly online sessions for teachers. Email ICRAR for more info and to book. Tuesdays 4:00-5:00pm AWST SPIRIT 101 PD Wednesdays 4:00-4:30 AWST Introduction to AstroQuest  Thursdays 4:00-4:30pm Ask an Astrophysicist  
ActivitiesRead Why does the date for Easter changes each year? Virtual Reality download the free GLEAMoscope app from Apple or Android and use your own headset to explore the night sky in radio colour Augmented Reality download and colour in radio antennas, then use the QuiverVision app to bring them to life!  
All Curriculum areasOnline Resources across the curriculumCool AustraliaCool Australia partners with organisations to create high quality educational content and online professional development courses about contemporary issues.Free
GIFTED LEARNERS – VariousNetwork and online activitiesMENSA AustraliaNetwork for learners to meet with like-minded individuals for activities, competitions, fun events and friendship.  Some online and some face-to-face activities.Small annual membership fee
 Assessment and supportAlchemy TherapyGifted assessments and various counselling services 
  GATCA WANot-for-profit, self-help organisation providing teachers and parents with the means to meet the special needs of gifted children at home or school.Small annual membership fee