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Face your waste (it’s fun)

It has been almost a year since a friend and client of mine recommended I look into the Earth Carers course with a local council. It was an opportunity to learn how to minimise the waste we put into our bins. I had no idea what to expect, but it was something new to do one evening a week, would get me out of the house and I could meet some new friends.

It did deliver on all those things, but they were the least of what I gained. Transformative – it changed the way I live and therefore the way my family does too. The kids are happier, more informed, we are healthier, we save money every week, are helping the land and reduce our carbon footprint and we are having a lot of fun. But what took me by surprise was how easily it could be done.

I focus on:

  1. What products can I buy without packaging?
  2. What can I re-use, share, sell, give away?
  3. What do I no longer need to buy? For a detailed list of what I have done in our home, see my growing list of easy, practical ways to reduce your waste at home – a first-hand practical account, where I have listed the easy steps I followed and how much each cost.
Image by RitaE from Pixabay