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Homeschooling – get everything done, but be flexible

Timetable is not a word that sits comfortably with all home educators, but there is a place for order and structure in what we do. I follow four guiding ideas that work for us:

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  1. The more organised I am about what we cover, the more they learn. I don’t mean structured lessons or reams of worksheets. Just know what you want to discuss and how to make it fun, then everyone can immerse themselves.

  2. My children don’t like repetition – they disengage and turn off subjects they would otherwise spend hours exploring. Variety within a routine hits the mark.

  3. Home learning doesn’t take as long as school lessons. Kids get concentrated one-on-one time and can move on as soon as they master tasks without having to wait for classmates.

  4. Kids need independence and we all, quite frankly, need space to ourselves each day. So, I balance everyone’s needs out with a guiding list. We seldom follow it to the letter, but it lets us know what to expect of our day. We might tick off as we go, but sometimes we ignore it completely!

Here is what currently works for us:

Here’s a link to a list of the homeschooling resources we’ve used before, if you’d like more detail.