Vegan Tofu & Oat balls

Makes: ± 12 balls

Time to make: 25 mins (5 prep, 15 in oven, 5 on stovetop)

These yummies are not my brain-child – I was lucky enough to enjoy them at a friend’s house and I fell in love with them. She explained how she makes them and I’ve adapted it very slightly. They are so easy and quick, full of goodness and perfect with any side sauce as nibbles or a main.

Image by Antonio Cansino from Pixabay
– 1 slice bread
– 1/4 cup oats
– 1 Tbsp cornflour
– 1 tsp mixed or italian herbs
– 1 Tbsp savoury yeast

– ± 200g firm tofu
– Finely chopped onion or onion powder
– fresh garlic or garlic powder
– splash of soy sauce

– 2 Tbsp Vegetable oil

1. Blitz bread into crumbs

2. Blend all dry ingredients together

3. Blend tofu, onion, garlic and soy sauce

3. Combine the two mixtures in a bowl

4. Shape into teaspoon-sized balls

4. Bake in a moderate oven for 15 mins

5. Add vegetable oil to a hot pan and brown them for about 3-4 mins
– 2 med mixing bowls
– Blender / chopper

Baking tray /sheet / dish
– Frying pan
* Serve with sweet chilli or hot-sauce, salsa, or tzatziki. Or pair with my
easy vegan hummus.

* They freeze well too

* I’m working on a butternut version, but it’s not quite right yet (too squidgy) – please let me know if you have suggestions?

Shopping list (or equivalents):
– bread / breadcrumbs

– oats
– cornflour or any other starch
– herbs
– tofu
– onion
– garlic
– savoury yeast
– soy sauce
– vegetable oil