Avocado pit – which way up?

I’ve done this successfully twice before – I have also gotten it wrong.

I can never remember which way up to suspend the pit! So, this is a reminder to myself and anyone else who ends up drowning the pit headfirst in a jar for weeks, while waiting for a shoot from it’s backside:

it goes pointy-end up and the flatter end (with the round mark) faces downwards.

The pit will send a root down into the water and later a shoot will emerge from the top.
  • Use toothpicks pressed into the middle of the seed to suspend it above the neck of the jar, so only it’s bottom is dangling in the water
  • Keep the water fresh – change it at least once a week
  • Don’t let it dry out

If the seed doesn’t germinate at all within a few weeks, try again with another one. Don’t lose heart – some seeds just don’t germinate.

When it works, it works well and it’s worth persevering.