Wild Mercy, by Mirabai Starr

Reading this book has been transformational for me. As an introspective, intense and self-centred, confused Christian-raised goth-child, I have struggled to distil my true belief system into anything coherent, far less regular practices to enable me to grow.

In recent years, when I stumbled upon a church who allowed me to believe what I believe, to worship as best I can and grow in understanding of the Divine, I began to understand that it’s all OK to be diverse in thought.

So many of us are a beautiful patchwork of different influences, either thrust upon us or deliberately chosen as we quest for enlightenment. Some influences are new to us and speak to the experiences and emotions we have at the time; others are expressions from within.

And all are OK.

An embroidered wealth of spiritual food and practices, this book weaves together the strength, fire, passion, gentleness, love and wisdom of the feminine. It empowers, reassures, nourishes.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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